International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

INBAR annual photography exhibition

7 Jul 2017

INBAR was established in 1997 as a multilateral network of members dedicated to the promotion of bamboo and rattan for sustainable development. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of INBAR’s establishment, INBAR will hold a “B&R + People” Photography Exhibition for its Member Countries in November 2017 at INBAR headquarters in Beijing, China, ith the aim to show the importance of bamboo and rattan to people’s lives, local ecology, economy and green sustainable development.

The photograph exhibition will primarily comprise photographs from INBAR Member Countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. INBAR invites photographers from its Member Countries to participate in the exhibition or recommend excellent relevant photographs that can be used at the event. Please see the details as below:

Submission Period

Photograph Requirements

Submission Method


As a non-profit international organisation, INBAR is committed to properly handling the exhibits and ensuring all photos submitted for the exhibition will be used for non-commercial activities in future. In case photographs are reused, the author’s name will be noted.

We look forward to your contribution in promoting and/or participating in our twentieth anniversary Photography Exhibition. Thank you for your support!

INBAR Secretariat