International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

INBAR Council Meets in Beijing

12 Apr 2017

INBAR Director General Dr. Hans Friederich (left) and INBAR’s current Council Chair, Jamaican Ambassador H.E. Antonia Hugh (right)

11 April 2017 – INBAR hosted its Seventh Council Working Group Meeting of the INBAR Council, held at the Secretariat Headquarters in Beijing. Representatives from 29 of INBAR’s Member State Embassies to Beijing attended the meeting, where they heard about INBAR updates and plans for the next few months.

The event was co-chaired by INBAR Director General Dr. Hans Friederich and Jamaica, who is the current Chairperson of the Tenth INBAR Council. INBAR took the opportunity to welcome the appointment of the new Jamaican Ambassador to Beijing, H.E. Antonia Hugh.

The agenda covered several recent INBAR updates, including the establishment of a Rattan Taskforce. It also discussed meetings and training activities planned for April to July, and updated focal points about the upcoming Bamboo and Rattan Congress in 2018, as well as celebration preparations for INBAR’s twentieth anniversary this year.

The Council is made up of representatives from INBAR’s Member states, and meets biennially. As set out in INBAR’s founding Establishment Agreement, it provides guidance to the Board on the organisation’s general policy orientation and strategic purposes. The next major Session of the Council will take place in November.