International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

INBAR Pavilion wins Grand Award for 5000 culm bamboo structure at 2019 Horticultural Expo

9 Oct 2019

9 October 2019 – The INBAR Pavilion at the 2019 Horticultural Expo in Beijing, China has received the Grand Award in an official ceremony marking the end of the hugely impactful 6-month event.

INBAR’s “Bamboo Eye” Pavilion, named for its arching structure, has been on display in Yanqing, China since 16 April 2019. Made from 5000 natural bamboo culms, it is the largest structure of its type ever to be constructed in northern China. The bamboo garden that surrounds the pavilion is no less impressive, with its varied decorative bamboo species and water features.

After hosting many events and a wide variety of visitors from all over the globe, the Pavilion has now been handed over to the site organising committee – but not before the INBAR Pavilion received a Grand Award in the category of International Outdoor Garden in recognition of the innovative and ecological design and execution.

INBAR Deputy Direct Professor Lu Wenming attended the ceremony and was handed the award by a panel including Co-Chair of INBAR’s Board of trustees and President of the China Flower Association, Jiang Zehui.

The award reflects the growing recognition of bamboo as a sustainable building material. The Pavilion itself is a demonstration of the potential of bamboo to be combined with modern materials, in this case glass and metal, to build large, functional structures. More than that, it reflects the hard work of INBAR and its partners including the International Centre for Bamboo and Rattan and the government of Meishan, a prefectural level city in Sichuan Province. 

To find out more about the INBAR Pavilion and see more pictures of the structure, go to the event page here.