News International Horticultural Exhibition 2019

International Horticultural Exhibition 2019


INBAR is delighted to be taking part in the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019.

INBAR will be playing a large role in the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019: a six-month-long international event which aims to showcase “a new model of ecological conservation.”

The Exhibition will be taking place in Beijing, China, between April and October. The theme of the Exhibition is ‘Live Green, Live Better’ – a philosophy which drives INBAR’s work. To showcase the many ways in which INBAR Member States have used bamboo and rattan, INBAR will collaborate with the organisers to host an ‘International Bamboo and Rattan Joint Exhibition’ for the Exhibition’s duration. INBAR’s participation will include a bamboo pavilion, where INBAR will host different events and exhibitions in conjunction with its Members, and an INBAR ‘day’.

The International Horticultural Exhibition should provide a good chance for INBAR to raise awareness about bamboo and rattan’s large role to play in ‘eco-civilisation’. For years, INBAR’s Member states have been using bamboo and rattan for a wide range of uses. Across the world, governments such as Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Brazil and the Philippines are including bamboo in their plans for land restoration. Many others are using bamboo and rattan as a crucial source of income, through creating and selling products such as handicrafts, furniture and charcoal. And from Ecuador to Nepal, earthquake-resistant bamboo housing is a time-tested means of construction. With over 30 million hectares of bamboo spread across the world, and over 600 species of rattan, there is much potential for other countries to learn from these plants.

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