International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Keynote Session of the Second Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress


Keynote Session of the Second Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress

Jiang Zehui, Co-Chair of INBAR Board of Trustees: “Implementing the Global Development Initiative and promoting the action of substituting bamboo for plastics”

Speakers gave enlightening presentations on the global state of bamboo and rattan.

On the afternoon of 7 November, INBAR formally celebrated its 25th anniversary, and the Second Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC 2022) held its Keynote Session.

Many notable speakers took the stage. Professor Jiang Zehui, Co-Chair of the INBAR Board of Trustees, chief scientist of the International Center for Bamboo and Rattan, and academician of the International Academy of Wood Sciences; Christophe Besacier, Senior Forestry Officer of the FAO and Coordinator of the Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism; Professor Yin Weilun, academician of CAE and former President of Beijing Forestry University; and Dr. Pablo van der Lugt of Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, all delivered keynote speeches on the occasion.

In her speech, Jiang Zehui began by explaining the Global Development Initiative. Launched by China as a global plan to boost the transition to sustainable governance by helping countries reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals, she made the case for the Bamboo as Substitute for Plastic Initiative as a key part of this global plan. She introduced the main details, such as it representing a joint project launched by the Government of China and INBAR, and discussed its positive implications for wielding bamboo as a green nature-based solution to address plastic pollution and climate change.

Christophe Besacier gave a compelling overview of global efforts for ecosystem restoration, particularly in the context of the United Nation’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. He introduced and explained results that emerged from a recent working group led by FAO, which provided a critical global perspective regarding the role bamboo can play in many different fields, not just ecosystem restoration.

Yin Weilun outlined the twin focus of the Chinese government on carbon neutrality and high-quality sustainable development, also explicating on their importance for global development. He said that responsible forestry, especially that related to bamboo, is intertwined with meeting carbon neutrality roles, and can also stimulate comprehensive green development in the social economy.

Pablo van der Lugt provided a unique window of insight into the ways in which engineered bamboo can factor into sustainability and recycling. His words left a deep impression on the audience, as he promoted the responsible use of bamboo in order to reach carbon peaking and carbon neutrality objectives, while also laying out a roadmap for developing bamboo products for green-conscious consumers in the 21st century.

These keynote addresses enlivened the spirits of all in attendance, setting the tone for the remaining events of BARC 2022.