International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Largest bamboo structure in north China set to open in Expo 2019


Largest bamboo structure in north China set to open in Expo 2019


The 2019 International Horticultural Exhibition will feature the largest round-pole bamboo construction ever built in northern China


Beijing, China – A new pavilion, made entirely using round-pole bamboo, is the largest of its kind ever built in north China, according to the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR).

The ‘Bamboo Eye’ pavilion, which is 1600 square metres, is constructed entirely from 5000 moso bamboo poles, sourced from Chinese bamboo forests. Each bamboo arch spans between 32 to 40 metres. The space is designed to be self-ventilating, and the structure will bear the weight of a rooftop garden. The inside of the pavilion will house an auditorium and exhibition area, and will be used to host events which promote the use of bamboo in environmental protection and construction. According to INBAR, the structure is the largest of its kind ever to be built in the north of the country.

The pavilion is part of the 2019 International Horticultural Exhibition, Beijing, China, a six-month-long floriculture exhibition which showcases how to “live green, live better”. The bamboo garden, which surrounds the Pavilion, covers 2000 square metres.

For the pavilion’s architect, Mauricio Cárdenas Laverde, the Bamboo Eye represents the future of housing. He cites bamboo’s low-carbon credentials and flexibility as key properties which make it so important for modern buildings. “We have to change the way we think about construction. If we used natural building materials in cities and changed our mindset, then it would be easy to rebuild every few decades without the huge cost of today.”

With a tensile strength greater than that of mild steel, and the ability to withstand compression twice as well as concrete, bamboo has been used in construction projects for thousands of years. In recent years, hundreds of large commercial projects have been built using bamboo, and in 2018 the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ ‘Cities for our Future’ prize was awarded to a bamboo house that can be assembled in four hours. China alone has over six million hectares of bamboo, and almost 10 million people in the country are employed in the bamboo sector.

The International Horticultural Exhibition will be open to the public on April 29 and will run for six months, ending in October.


About INBAR:

The International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR) is a multilateral development organisation made up of 45 Member Countries that promotes the use of bamboo and rattan for sustainable development. In addition to its Secretariat headquarters in China, INBAR has Regional Offices in Cameroon, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana and India.

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Downloadable images can be found here.

A design of the finished Pavilion, which is located near the International Pavilion in the Expo 2019.

Once finished, the Bamboo Eye Pavilion roof will be blanketed in garden.

Each bamboo arch is up to 40 metres long.

The pavilion is made up of 5000 moso bamboo culms, harvested from China.