News New ISO standard published

New ISO standard published


The International Standardization Organization (ISO) has published a new standard designed by the INBAR Taskforce.

25 January 2019 – The ISO standard ISO 22157:2019 was published this month. The standard was developed by a working group of bamboo construction experts, the majority of whom are part of INBAR’s Construction Taskforce. The standard should provide more clarity to those seeking to build houses using round bamboo culms.

ISO 22157:2019 specifies how to test round bamboo culms, to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for commercial testing applications. The new standard helps engineers evaluate the strength and physical properties of bamboo culms, based on analyses of moisture content, density, tension and flexibility. The standard provides a timely update to a previous standard, ISO 22157:2004, by adding a number of additional test methods.

The standard development was headed by David Trujillo, INBAR’s Taskforce Chair and an Assistant Professor in civil engineering at Coventry University. Founded in 2014, the Taskforce coordinates the activities of international research institutes and commercial companies interested in the structural uses of bamboo. The Taskforce supports INBAR’s membership of the Global Network for Sustainable Housing, a partnership launched by UN Habitat. Its overall objective is to act as the world’s premier information and knowledge repository on structural uses of bamboo.

Developing and revising international standards for bamboo is a specific objective of INBAR’s Bamboo Construction Taskforce. Although bamboo is a flexible, durable material with excellent properties for construction, lack of experience and understanding has limited its application. Bamboo performs differently to wood, and requires different tests to ensure it is suitable for use. By working to develop and revise standards about bamboo, the Construction Taskforce promotes the development and use of bamboo construction around the world.

More information about ISO 22157:2019 is available here.

For more information about INBAR’s Construction Taskforce, read here.

Structures made using engineered bamboo composite (left) and round poles (right).