International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

New Taskforce on Rattan Use Established

27 Mar 2017

As part of its work to standardise rattan and bamboo products, INBAR has established a Taskforce on Rattan Uses and Development. The Taskforce is currently working on a set of ‘Voluntary Guideline Standards’, which should help improve the market for rattan products in several ways.

On an individual level, the Voluntary Guidelines Standards aim to advise various stakeholders engaged in rattan on the most recent and advanced methods and technologies of production, and how to process and commercialise rattan. Nationally, the Voluntary Guideline Standards will help inform local authorities on how to develop their own standards for rattan management and utilisation.

More generally, the Standards should form an important part of the work needed to standardise rattan products. INBAR has been working with the International Standardization Organization (ISO) since the 1990s to help harmonise regulations around bamboo and rattan – an essential way to increase consumer confidence and so open up new markets for producers and suppliers. This included helping establish the ISO Technical Committee (ISO-TC 296) in 2016: the first Technical Committee which focuses solely on bamboo and rattan standards.

INBAR’s Rattan Taskforce currently boasts 20 international rattan experts from a wide range of nationalities: India, Malaysia, Nepal, China, Belgium, Vietnam, Cameroon, the UK, the Philippines, Ghana, the USA, Nigeria, Indonesia, Germany and Cambodia. The team hope to make a real difference to the state of rattan product development and trade in coming years.