International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Partner Post: How farming with bamboo can combat climate change

15 Jun 2021

A new post on the website of INBAR’s partner, the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR), explores how bamboo can support climate change adaptation and mitigation.

“For people in many parts of the world, bamboo is already an everyday sight. But this tall, fast-growing woody perennial, which covers more than 35 million hectares of land across Africa, Asia and the Americas, can also be a key part of climate-smart farming practices.

“Bamboo agroforestry meets the three goals of climate-smart agriculture. By integrating bamboo into their cropping systems, farmers can sustainably increase agricultural productivity, while also building resilience in a changing climate. On a national level, well-managed bamboo stocks can provide opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

“The International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR) has worked for more than 20 years to promote rural development with bamboo across its 47 Member States, for a number of reasons:

Click here to read the full blog on the GFAR website.

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