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Rattan Processing in Ghana and Togo

Ghana, Togo


Rattan Processing and Marketing Technology Assessment in Ghana and Togo

This project helped to build the capacity of rattan processors in Ghana to innovate higher-value products and to market them well. Most rattan producers in Ghana work by roadsides where they can easily sell to passers-by, but there has been little attempt to improve the relatively basic production methods used, and the quality of the products could be improved. To help, this small project trained 24 rattan producers in better methods of production and design. The work was complemented by a review of the rattan sector in Ghana and Togo, with recommendations for its improvement. Once the project had ended, producers continued to ask related agencies in Ghana, as well as INBAR, for more training and help with developing their businesses. As a result, the government of Ghana decided to invest in Common Facility Centres for rattan producers in Accra and Kumasi, to act as training and facilitation hubs.

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