News Bamboo as Sustainable Biomass Energy

Bamboo as Sustainable Biomass Energy

Ghana, Ethiopia


Bamboo as Sustainable Biomass Energy

Due to bamboos´ extremely fast growing properties, woody nature, and relatively high calorific value, it has high potential as an alternative source of biomass energy. This project successfully transferred knowledge from China on bamboo biomass energy production to Ethiopia and Ghana through training in various aspects of bamboo cultivation, bamboo stand management, bamboo firewood utilization, bamboo charcoal preparation, bamboo briquette making and the production of Improved Cook Stoves in both countries. In addition, two types of kilns (brick kilns and metal kilns) have been successfully introduced and promoted. The project has also bought the topic of bamboo biomass energy onto the policy agenda, with Ghana including bamboo in its draft national bioenergy policy. There is now a growing number of small and medium-sized bamboo charcoal enterprises appropriating in both countries.

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