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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization


Bangladesh, Sri Lanka



Bamboo furniture making techniques and skills

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are countries blessed with a good base of bamboo resources. Although bamboo is currently used for crafts and industrial products, there is no notable contribution to the national economy. The furniture industry has an enormous potential to boost the bamboo sector in these countries, which can not only generate enterprising avenues but also address environmental issues like the dependability of non-renewable forest hardwood. With appropriate technical skills, designing abilities and production processes, the bamboo furniture sector can generate sustainable employment opportunities and remunerative income for the communities and contribute to the national economy.

INBAR is collaborating with the Commonwealth Educational Media Center for Asia to create Audio-Visual learning modules, organize training programs and provide technical support to the artisans, master artisans and potential entrepreneurs in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on the technical knowledge and skills required to make quality bamboo furniture.

  • To develop Audio Visual learning modules and a processing manual for making bamboo furniture.
  • Organize training programs and provide end-to-end knowledge and production techniques to the artisans and entrepreneurs for making quality bamboo furniture.
Contact details

Sangeeta Agasty, Regional Director, South Asia Region, sagasty [at] inbar [dot] int


The project has developed Audio Visual materials and a manual about bamboo furniture making and will organize trainings in 2022 to help furniture-making artisans build new skills, and attract potential entrepreneurs.  These materials will also be rolled out in other countries, including India.


The project completed 13 Audio Visual modules of a total duration of 11 hours in English, Sihala and Bengali.

INBAR organized a one-day Orientation Programme on the Development of the Bamboo Industry in Sri Lanka in association with the Industrial Development Board (IDB), the Ministry of Industries, the Government of Sri Lanka and CEMCA. This program was attended by 76 participants and 8 speakers/experts.