News Bamboo in the urban environment

Bamboo in the urban environment

India, Indonesia


Bamboo in the urban environment

This project is motivated by the increasing socio-technical-economic gaps that exist between scientifically “advanced” countries and those that are proficient, developing and lagging. One of the primary barriers to close these gaps, is a lack of safe, stable and resilient infrastructure. Migration of the rural poor into urban centres places even greater pressure on already over-stressed informal urban settlements around the world. Since bamboo is a sustainable, safe and strong construction and building material, this project focuses on the materials testing, structural analysis and eventual formal codification of bamboo to enable its use in safe urban centres.

By promoting bamboo for the construction of urban centers, the project provides an opportunity to reduce the cost and environmental impact of safe housing for a significant proportion of the world’s population. This work addresses the global grand challenges of urbanization and resilience in the face of natural hazards and climate change through facilitating the use of a renewable ‘green’ material.

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