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Chishui World Heritage Sustainable Livelihoods

The development of sustainable livelihoods in Chishui World Heritage is one of the pilot activities within the framework of the UNESCO-led project “Conservation and Management of World Heritage Sites in China (Phase IV 2021-2024)”, which aims to strengthen cultural-oriented, innovative and inclusive socio-economic development in  China.

By taking bamboo-related green products and creative cultural handicrafts as the entry point, Chishui World Heritage Sustainable Livelihoods’ project will strengthen sustainable bamboo handicrafts production and capacity building through training centres and courses development. This will ensure both that bamboo handicrafts become accepted as a decent vocation and that more young people become involved, contributing in turn to rural revitalisation and locally-based employment for the youth. In addition, it promotes the linkage between cultural and natural heritage and tangible and intangible heritage for sustainable development of local communities at the Chishui World Heritage site.


The overall objective of this project is to enhance sustainable livelihood development of the local communities through strengthening local capacity building, pro-poor and green bamboo production in the Chishui region, especially focusing on enhancing Chishui’s capacity in the creative design of bamboo handicrafts. Furthermore, explore ways for the World Heritage site to develop both economically and socially within the framework of heritage conservation guidelines by using local bamboo resources.

Specific objectives:

  • Enhance the capacities of at least 50 local cooperatives and practitioners in creative design and marketing of bamboo-related handicrafts.
  • Facilitate bamboo-related handicrafts programs to be incorporated in local vocational education for the youth.
Project Activities
  • 2021 project started
Contact Details

For more information about the project, please contact:

Yanxia Li, Senior Programme Officer, yxli [at] inbar [dot] int