News Bamboo Housing in East Africa

Bamboo Housing in East Africa

Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda


Development and Promotion of Bamboo Housing Technology in East Africa

With an average yearly urbanisation rate of 3.5 per cent in Africa, slums have become a dominant settlement types across parts of the continent. Identifying local, environmentally sustainable and affordable building materials is a priority. INBAR implemented the project, Development and Promotion of Bamboo Housing Technology in East Africa, to assess bamboo’s potential to meet regional housing needs in a low-cost, eco-friendly manner. This project built one conventional and one modern bamboo building in both Kenya and Uganda, trained over 60 people on bamboo cultivation, management and construction, and conducted feasibility, value chain and sustainability studies on Ethiopian bamboo construction.

In both countries, the project increased general awareness and interest about bamboo’s potential as a construction material; two universities have since adopted bamboo construction into their curricula. The project also proved that mid/low-income urban bamboo housing and tourism lodges can be economically viable in Ethiopia.

(Pictured: IDRC East Africa Housing Project using bamboo construction, Maseno University, Kisumu, Kenya)

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