International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Encouraging Investment in Bamboo and Rattan

China, India, Ghana, Ecuador, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Colombia, Philippines



Developing Approaches, Tools, Methods and Institutional Arrangements to Increase Scalability and Adaptive Replication of Bamboo and Rattan Options in Investment Projects

This year-long project aimed to encourage and scale up investment in the bamboo and rattan sector. First, a set of ten enterprise financial models, covering a range of growing and processing, was established. The project produced a number of technical and financial information packages, created product designs and production systems which would enhance women’s participation, and improved process-flows to enhance the capacity of communities to create products more efficiently. As part of the project, enterprise training courses taught participants more about specific bamboo product production areas, and helped build the capacity of rural communities. The project encouraged the development of loan project linkages.

This initiative was designed as part of longer-term investment projects with the International Fund for Agricultural Development in China, Ecuador, Ghana, India and Tanzania to build capacity, products and enterprises in the bamboo and rattan sector.