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Ecuador, Colombia, Peru



Bambuzonia: Innovation and promotion of bamboo through action research processes for resilient agriculture in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

The bambuzonia project looks to positions bamboo as a strategic resource for sustainable development, green economy and the reduction of poverty, especially in the rural areas of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The main objective of this project is to increase the resilience to climate change of small rural farmers through diversified bamboo production systems. To achieve this objective, the project seeks to improve the governance of the bamboo sector at the sub-national/local level, promote the adoption of practices climate-smart, support the diversification of livelihoods and the generation of economic income, and increase local, national and regional awareness of the socio-economic and environmental benefits of bamboo. The project will channel action and research activities with the participation of local partners and government counterparts, from the private sector, the academy and civil society in all three countries.

This project will intervene in focusing on the places with the presence of natural or planted bamboo stands, and with the availability of degraded agricultural land suitable for restoration. In addition, sustainability will be generated at four levels:

  • Environmental: through training on the management and efficient use of bamboo stands, support for local ecosystems, sustainable management of key resources (water, soil), and mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
  • Social: by establishing businesses for rural producers, providing training and empowerment with an organized production that allows to generate an economy of scale; associations of producers and sustainable management of bamboo to improve the quality of life, ensuring the inclusion of women and young people through their participation in learning and the acquisition of knowledge so that they can also benefit from solutions based on the use of bamboo.
  • Economic: through applied technological innovations, the strengthening of existing value chains and the creation of new options that foster sustainable livelihoods, and the link between producers and consumers.
  • Institutional: through cooperation in capacity building with local partners, research organizations and interinstitutional dialogue for the use of resources, synergies and public policies of influence
Project Objectives
  • To increase the resilience to climate change of small rural farmers in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru through diversified bamboo production systems.

The direct target group is 2200 rural households of small farmers and community associations, including women, youth, and indigenous peoples. Likewise, it will prioritize those people who are within the Peace Agreements in Colombia, such as displaced, reincorporated, and victims in general of violence.

Contact Details

For more information about the project, please contact:

  • Carlos Roberto Falconi Velasco, Project Manager, cfalconi [at] inbar [dot] int, Ecuador
  • Santos Raphael Paucar Cardenas, National Project Coordinator, rpaucar [at] inbar [dot] int, Peru
  • Samuel Morales Guzman, National Project Coordinator, smorales [at] inbar [dot] int, Colombia

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