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Sustainable Livelihoods Development in Chishui Danxia World Heritage Sites

Chishui, a remote mountainous area in northwest of Guizhou province, is rich in bamboo resources and scenic spots, including the famous world heritage site Chishui Danxia. In recognition of bamboo’s many uses, the Chishui municipal government has supported bamboo eco-tourism and the growth of the bamboo industry as a vehicle for developing the local economy. Now, the local bamboo industry already generates a third of residents’ financial income, and there is an increasing flush of tourists into Chishui every year.

However, all of this is placing pressure on the area’s bamboo resources. Without sensitive management, it will be impossible for Chishui to continue balancing economic needs alongside the preservation of its bamboo forests.

To address this challenge, this project will enhance sustainable livelihoods at Chishui Natural World Heritage site. Using bamboo-related green products and creative cultural handicrafts as its starting point, the project aims to promote economic growth within the framework of heritage conservation guidelines. The initiative will also build on experiences gained from INBAR’s previous SDC-supported pilot project implemented in Chishui.  It also forms part of UNESCO’s World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme, and the third phase of its ‘Programme of Conservation and Management of World Heritage Sites in China’.

The project aims to: identify areas for developing sustainable livelihood products, and provide technical training to facilitate the production of bamboo handicrafts. As part of the project, UNESCO and INBAR will also co-organise a thematic session on ‘World heritage, sustainable development and bamboo and rattan’ at the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC2018), taking place in Beijing between 25-27 June. At the Congress, community leaders, technicians and managers from Chishui will be invited to the session to communicate with experts and artisans on the bamboo weaving sector, in order to enhance their capacity building on value chain development.

Picture, left: Trainees learn how to make bamboo teapot covers.