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Supporting the development of sustainable domestic and international trade in bamboo and rattan

This project aims to improve the development of sustainable bamboo and rattan markets. The project is part of a multi-million dollar project led by UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), which aims to make trade a positive force for both marginalised people and nature conservation. It is one of several hubs funded by the UK Research and Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund.

Sustainable trade in wild species and agricultural goods can lift people out of poverty and create economic growth, particularly in low and middle-income countries. The Hub will select trades that have an important impact on biodiversity, as well as those that are important for local livelihoods. This includes bamboo and rattan, both of which are fast-growing, readily available alternatives to a number of emissions-intensive materials, and which provide an invaluable source of income for rural communities across the tropics and subtropics.

INBAR will be conducting an assessment into the impacts of using bamboo as a replacement for other materials, including wood products. This assessment will then be used as the basis to publish policy-relevant information on how to develop domestic and international trade within the bamboo and rattan sector.

Project Objectives
  • To improve the development of sustainable bamboo and rattan markets
Project Activities so far

In 2020, the project produced a policy review of bamboo and timber trade regulations around the world and possible ways to facilitate bamboo product trade. A review of the impacts of bamboo value chains on biodiversity is also being prepared. Once finalised, these reviews will contribute to a larger study on how bamboo trade affects biodiversity and the environment, and recommendations for improving value chains.


For more information about the project, please contact:

  • Li Yanxia, Senior Programme Officer, yxli [at] inbar [dot] int, China

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