International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Integrating Bamboo into Development in Latin America

China, India, Ecuador, Peru



Transferring Knowledge about Bamboo Uses across Countries in Latin America

This project was a market-driven initiative, based on a market assessment which shows that poor communities which grow bamboo are in potentially strong competitive positions against other global producers. It aimed to support Ecuadorian and Peruvian smallholders to produce bamboo efficiently and competitively in the market through training sessions, field trials and agricultural development. It also focused on the public sector at local and national levels, and aimed to create an enabling environment for bamboo-related businesses and farmers through organising exchange visits, training officials, and providing support to national and local policy development.

Overall, five pilot sites in Ecuador and three sites in Peru were equipped with basic machinery, and in more than 160 workshops nearly 4000 farmers and small business entrepreneurs were trained in bamboo cultivation, harvesting and processing. Four platforms were created to promote links between private enterprises and producers. New business ventures started to take shape between member of the platforms, one of them being the Association Rio 7 and GEND Bamboo to export bamboo culms to United States of America. Training and communicational materials were produced and shared with bamboo stakeholder in both countries. A construction manual was adapted for Peru and promoted by the Ministry of Housing. A manual for bamboo propagation, plantations and managementwas  adapted for Peru and promoted by regional governments of Lambayeque, Piura and Amazonas.

A partnership with the private sector was developed for designing new bamboo products in each country, and four platforms were established to promote links between private sector processing companies and smallholder bamboo producers. Investment events were organised and, based on the project experience, the team has made policy recommendations to the local and central governments. In Ecuador a national bamboo brand has since been developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture.