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Research on Bamboo for Construction & Engineering


Research on Bamboo for Construction & Engineering

Prevalence of “Bamboo” in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Number of papers published in the last 40 years. Note: 2018 list is yet to be completed

Carried out by Prof. Kent A. Harries, Senior Editor, Construction and Building Materials and INBAR Construction Task Force member. It is encouraging to see the development of bamboo-related scientific research emerging worldwide. An important measure of research output are papers appearing in indexed journals.
On 1 March 2018, the following search was run on Scopus: “bamboo” in title, abstract or keywords. This search was limited to the subject area “engineering”; that is: (TITLE-ABS-KEY ( bamboo )  AND  ( LIMIT-TO (SUBJAREA, “ENGI” )) 

Distribution of “bamboo engineering” papers in JCBM

Region of origin of the 3780 papers reported






The search returned 3780 papers published between 1923 and 2018. Of the 3780 papers reported, 84% are published in English, 11%in Chinese and the rest in other languages.

The Elsevier journal Construction and Building Materials (JCBM) welcomes submissions related to bamboo materials for construction. Submissions should be directed to Senior Editor Kent Harries when possible.

Construction and Building Materials is the top rated journal in “Civil Engineering” according to Google Scholar


US-National Science Foundation Project: Collaborative Research: Full-culm Bamboo as a Full-fledged Engineering Material

Status: Ongoing

The primary objective of this research is to establish the framework and tools required to standardize the evaluation of the material and mechanical properties of full-culm bamboo. This research will consolidate and significantly extend the extant body of knowledge and establish materials-and mechanics-based constitutive models for the behaviour of full-culm bamboo.

Three representations of bamboo behaviour will be developed forming the framework and represent the tools required to evaluate the material and mechanical properties of bamboo for engineered applications:


[PI: Kent A. Harries, University of Pittsburgh, USA and INBAR Construction Task Force member
Co-PI: Ian Nettleship, University of Pittsburgh, USA
PI: Christopher Papadopoulos, the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, PR
Additional collaborator: John Brigham, University of Durham, UK]

Project duration: August 2016 to August 2019