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Brian R. Cohen


INBAR Publications - Technology Transfer Models

Bamboo Micro-propagation (Tissue Culture) Planting Material Production

        The technical manual, 'Handbook on Bamboo Micrco-propagation (Tissue Culture) Planting Material Production' will be used as a ready reckoner. It will help to establish, operate and manage microscale bamboo tissue culture production unit for bare-footed community lab technicians in Africa and elsewhere.

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Bamboo in Homestead Farming System Development

The technical manual on “Bamboo in Homestead Farming System Development” is an outcome of INBAR’s IFAD-EU-funded South-South knowledge transfer strategies for scaling up pro-poor bamboo livelihoods, income generation and employment creation, and environmentatl management in Africa (Phase II) Project in Tanzania, Madagascar and Ethiopia.

INBAR Publications - Technology Transfer Models

Bamboo Green Feed for Livestock

This technical manual, Bamboo Green Feed for Livestock, is based on secondary sources and the primary field experiements of INBAR’s IFAD-EU funded South-South Knowledge tranfer strategies to scale up pro-poor bamboo livelihoods, generate income, create employment and manage the environment in Africa as part of the Phase II project in Tanzania, Madagascar and Ethiopia to […]