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Charlotte King


INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Integration of Bamboo Forestry into Carbon Markets

This policy brief provides an introduction to how bamboo forestry projects can be integrated into carbon markets. By explaining how to develop and register bamboo forestry projects for certification in carbon markets, this policy brief aims to support project developers and government actors to gain additional incomes from these projects and integrate bamboo more into national […]

INBAR Publications - Policy Reports

Policy Synthesis Report 6. Bamboo in the Circular Economy

In recent years, the idea of a ‘circular economy’ has been gaining traction. Bamboo could be a critical component in the transition to  a circular economy, by providing a viable, bio-based alternative for non-renewable, carbon-intensive ‘techno-cycle’ materials. This report considers a number of bamboo product categories for their ‘circularity potential’, and assesses what is needed […]