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本书在全球绿色建筑大发展的背景下,以中国现代竹建筑发展为主线,从竹资源和建筑用竹种分布情况,建筑用竹材种类及特点,不同形式竹建筑的发展历程和研究现状,竹建筑的标准体系和政策法规,相关国际组织、科研机构和生产加工企业,以及典型(商业)案例等六个方面入手,系统阐释中国现代竹建筑发展的总体情况,分析中国竹建筑产业所面临的机遇和挑战,并对中国未来竹建筑行业的发展方向提出了建议。本书精选50个典型案例,包含了当代国内外知名建筑师和设计师的最新作品,提供了大量精美的图片,从建筑用竹装饰材、建筑用竹结构材、景观、交通设施、输水管道和城市综合管廊五个类别全面展示了中国现代竹建筑/工程的特殊语境,诠释竹材的功能属性、精神价值和文化内涵。    本书可供竹建筑/工程相关科研人员、设计和施工人员参考,也可供产业政策和标准规范的制定者、开发商,以及对竹建筑感兴趣的大众读者阅读使用。

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Framework for Assessing Ecosystem Services from Bamboo Forests: Lessons from Asia and Africa

Bamboo forests have provided humans with certain ecosystem services for many years. An ecosystem assessment of bamboo forests can raise awareness of their importance to policymakers, investors and local communities. However, a lack of common methodological approach and tools has hampered clear ecosystem service assessments of bamboo forests in the past. This report aims to fill […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Mobile App-Based Regional Bamboo Resource Assessment: Manabi Province, Ecuador

INBAR has developed the Bamboo Survey and Monitoring System (BSMS), consisting of a set of mobile and online applications to facilitate the generation of geo-referenced information regarding bamboo distribution and diversity in a given area. This system was developed by the Global Assessment of Bamboo and Rattan (GABAR), a flagship programme of INBAR. This report […]

INBAR Publications - Policy Reports

Policy Synthesis Report 6. Bamboo in the Circular Economy

In recent years, the idea of a ‘circular economy’ has been gaining traction. Bamboo could be a critical component in the transition to  a circular economy, by providing a viable, bio-based alternative for non-renewable, carbon-intensive ‘techno-cycle’ materials. This report considers a number of bamboo product categories for their ‘circularity potential’, and assesses what is needed […]

Bambú, ratán y la biodiversidad – Hoja informativa

El bambú y el ratán desempeñan un papel clave en la conservación de la biodiversidad y contribuyen a la gestión de suelos. Varios bambúes y ratanes son fundamentales para la supervivencia de otras especies. Septiembre de 2019

INBAR Publications - Trade Reports

Trade Overview 2017: Bamboo and Rattan Commodities in the International Market

Report of the international trade in bamboo and rattan products for 2017, based on analysis of UN COMTRADE statistics. This report was produced by INBAR as part of its role as the International Commodity Body for bamboo and rattan.

INBAR Publications - Trade Reports

Trade Overview 2018: Bamboo and Rattan Commodities in China

China has the world’s largest market for international bamboo and rattan products. This report analyses China’s trade in bamboo and rattan products for 2018, based on analysis of statistics from China Customs.

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Evaluación regional de recursos de bambú mediante la aplicación móvil

INBAR ha desarrollado el Sistema de Registro y Monitoreo de Bambú, que consiste en un conjunto de aplicativos móviles y en línea para facilitar la generación de información georreferenciada de la distribución de diferentes especies de bambú en un área dada.  Con el propósito de validar la herramienta en América Latina y contribuir a la […]