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INBAR Publications

Bamboo: A Strategic New Resource for Development – IFAD’s Pioneering Support

        This brochure gives a summary of IFAD's support to bamboo development as an engine to improve rural livelihoods from 1997 to 2015.        Bamboo value chains for income and food security: Solutions for smallholder farmers and producers as businesses; empowering rural women; supporting their roles in agriculture; supporting country leadership for national development; addressing climate change; and […]

INBAR Publications - Technology Transfer Models

Construction Manual for Bamboo

The translated third edition of this construction manual, first published in 2005, provides a basic, hands-on guide to using bamboo for construction: from choosing and treating the raw material, to putting together durable and safe structures. It draws heavily on experiences from the Andean region of Latin America, where bamboo is a historical construction material. […]

Socio-economic Empowerment of Women by Developing Market Potential of Bamboo Products in Nepal

        Bamboos are widely distributed in Nepal and can be an important source of income for rural livelihoods. This publication reviews an INBAR- and ITTO-led project which showed women how to plant and manage bamboo resources, as well as create value-added products. The project resulted in women’s enhanced capacity to manufacture bamboo products, which in turn […]

INBAR Publications - Policy Reports

China Sustainable Bamboo Enterprises: Programme Outcomes and Impacts

A report of the China Sustainable Bamboo Enterprise Programme, which ran from 2009 to 2017 in response to the Wenchuan earthquake of 2008 in Sichuan province, China.

INBAR Publications - General Information

Identification of Bamboo and Rattan in the Harmonized System

A summary of INBAR’s work with Harmonized System (HS) Codes, and the work of INBAR, the World Customs Organization and China Customs to improve how trade in bamboo and rattan products is represented and monitored around the world.

INBAR Publications - Trade Reports

International Trade of Bamboo and Rattan 2012

The report of international trade in bamboo and rattan products for 2012, based on an analysis of UN Comtrade data. This report was produced by INBAR in its role as the International Commodity Body for bamboo and rattan.

INBAR Publications - Newsletters

South Asia Regional Newsletter No.11

The eleventh edition of INBAR’s South Asia Regional Newsletter.