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INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Análisis de los Marcos Regulatorios y de las Políticas para el Desarrollo del Bambú-Guadua en Colombia

Este informe presenta el análisis de las principales brechas, pero también las oportunidades, del marco normativo y de política pública que regula la guadua o bambú en Colombia. Su objetivo es ofrecer un conjunto de recomendaciones concretas para la generación de las condiciones jurídicas y de políticas públicas adecuadas para el desarrollo y el uso […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Ecosystem Services and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Natural Forests and Mixed Bamboo Systems in Peru

Two studies on ecosystem services were conducted in the northern and central jungle regions of Peru to better understand the ecosystem services that are provided by different land uses in the region. Through surveys conducted with the participation of local and regional actors, three types of land use (bamboo forest/plantation, natural forest and farm) were […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Integration of Bamboo Forestry into Carbon Markets

This policy brief provides an introduction to how bamboo forestry projects can be integrated into carbon markets. By explaining how to develop and register bamboo forestry projects for certification in carbon markets, this policy brief aims to support project developers and government actors to gain additional incomes from these projects and integrate bamboo more into national […]


2020年INBAR动态回顾 2020年是国际竹藤组织发展历史上的重要一年。这一年,国际竹藤组织携手合作伙伴捐赠物资支持东道国抗击疫情,与世界人民一道守望相助、共克时艰;第47个成员国斐济正式加盟,成员国队伍继续壮大;与联合国粮农组织(FAO)签署合作备忘录,朋友圈进一步扩大;在线开展系列主题竹藤讲座,分享竹藤知识与创新发展经验;携手合作伙伴举办中国国际竹产业交易博览会、博鳌国际禁塑产业论坛等一系列重要会议;各区域办事处及实地研发项目有序开展工作……  

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Servicios Ecosistémicos y Análisis Costo-Beneficio de Bambú en el Perú

Se realizaron dos estudios en las regiones de selva norte y central del Perú para mejorar la comprensión sobre los servicios ecosistémicos que brindan los diferentes usos de la tierra en la región.

INBAR Publications - Bamboo and Rattan Update

Tradition or future: Bamboo and Rattan Update Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 2 Issue 1: Vernacular Bamboo Architecture: Tradition or Future? This issue of Bamboo and Rattan Update features contributions from some of the people who are modernising vernacular bamboo architecture: The architects at SUP Atelier explain the inspiration behind the magnificent new Fish-Shaped Bamboo Pavilion in Yangzhou, China; Marcin Dawydzik, chartered engineer, discusses how quake-resilient housing is being used […]

INBAR Publications - Newsletters

INBAR Newsletter 2021 Q1

The International Bamboo and Rattan Organization’s (INBAR) quarterly newsletter is published in March, June, September and December every year. To sign up for the newsletter and to browse previous issues, see here. The 2021 Q1 newsletter can be accessed here.

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Farmer Field Schools on Sustainable Management of Clumping Bamboo Facilitators Manual: Part 2

This manual provides guidelines for initiation of bamboo Farmers Field School (FFS) groups, and for facilitation of these groups. The manual is intended for both FFS facilitators, who are charged with the day-to-day responsibilities to facilitate the FFS groups, and for the FFS coordinators, who are charged with selection and supervision of the FFS facilitators. […]

INBAR Publications - Trade Reports

Trade Overview 2019: Bamboo and Rattan Commodities in China

China has the world’s largest market for international bamboo and rattan products. This report analyses China’s trade in bamboo and rattan products for 2019, based on analysis of statistics from China Customs.

INBAR Publications - Trade Reports

Trade Overview 2018: Bamboo and Rattan Commodities in the International Market

The report of international trade in bamboo and rattan products for 2018, based on an analysis of UN Comtrade data. This report was produced by INBAR in its role as the International Commodity Body for bamboo and rattan.