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Annex 11B-3 TAN Bamboo Crates for Fruit Packing Markets

Technology Transfer Models
Annex 11B-3 TAN Bamboo Crates for Fruit Packing Markets








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In Kudal, Sindhudurg district, Maharasthra, KONBAC, an INBAR-established community-based NGO, has successfully developed bamboo packaging for the local mango fruit market. The crates, which were designed in consultation with mango growers, are made locally, using simple technology and processing techniques. Through the pilot production phase (2005-07), two work units have been established, providing livelihoods to around 90 local unemployed youths. During the growing season, these youths are able to make incomes of around US$ 100 per month. In addition to KONBAC, the project receives support from NMBA, which originally provided a subsidy of INR 6 (approx. US$ 0.12) per crate to support development costs and enable the crates to compete with wooden alternatives. As production capacity and techniques improve, costs of bamboo crates will fall, enabling them to match wooden crate prices without a subsidy. The crates have already been positively reviewed by local farmers, who are willing to use them as long as prices are competitive.