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INBAR Publications - Bamboo and Rattan Update

BARC in Beijing: Reflections on 25 Years: Bamboo and Rattan Update – Volume 3 Issue 4

2022 was a banner year for bamboo and rattan. On 7 November 2022, the 25th anniversary of INBAR and the Second Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC 2022) convened in Beijing, elevating bamboo and rattan to the global stage. This special issue of BRU commemorates the event, highlighting major moments from the Congress while summarizing […]

INBAR Publications - General Information

INBAR 25th Anniversary Album

The INBAR 25th Anniversary Album was written to commemorate INBAR turning 25. Inside, you will find an introduction and history of the organization, along with how INBAR’s work contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Album also covers highlights from 10 major areas over the years. Colorful pictures can be found accompanying the […]

INBAR Publications - General Information

Bamboo as a Substitute for Plastic Initiative

The Bamboo as a Substitute for Plastic Initiative, initially proposed by China and INBAR at the High-level Dialogue on Global Development in June 2022, is now building serious momentum. In November 2022, at the Opening Ceremony of the Second Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC 2022) as well as INBAR’s 25th anniversary celebration, INBAR and the Government […]

INBAR publications

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Guidelines for Lung Bamboo (Bambusa longissima sp. nov.) Propagation by Offsets and Planting

This manual aims to support people who work in bamboo forestry with the propagation of Lung bamboo using offset planting. The manual offers step-by-step guidelines for the selection of sites for Lung clump mother plants, techniques for detaching offset planting, planting, maintenance and protection. This research was carried out by the International Bamboo and Rattan […]

INBAR Publications - Technical Reports

Establishment of Rattan Plantations

This publication, which was written by INBAR’s Task Force on Rattan Uses and Development, provides guidelines on the sustainable establishment and management of rattan plantations.

INBAR Publications - Annual Highlights



INBAR Publications - General Information

Dutch-Sino-East Africa Bamboo Development Programme Phase II – Brochure

This brochure introduces the second phase of the Dutch-Sino East Africa Development Programme, which will leverage Chinese and Dutch expertise in bamboo value chain development, product design, marketing and standardisation to help develop East Africa’s bamboo sector for green economic growth, trade and poverty reduction.  

INBAR Publications - General Information

The Cameroon TRI Project

A brochure about the Cameroon TRI Project, part of the Restoration Initiative, which supports landscape restoration and the sustainable use of native non-timber forest products for biodiversity conservation, sustainable livelihoods and carbon emissions reductions.

INBAR Publications - Annual Highlights

Resumen anual de INBAR 2019

El resumen anual 2019 describe las actividades, programas y publicaciones de INBAR.

INBAR Publications - Annual Highlights

Revue annuelle de l’INBAR 2019

Cette revue annuelle résume les activités, les programmes et les publications de l’INBAR pendant l’année 2019.

INBAR Publications - Annual Highlights

INBAR Annual Highlights 2019

The 2019 Annual Highlights outlines INBAR’s activities including programmes and publications. The Annual Highlights can be read in Chinese, French and Spanish.

INBAR Publications - Proceedings

Modern Engineered Bamboo Structures (ICBS 2007)

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Modern Bamboo Structures (ICBS 2007), October 28-30, 2018, Changsha, China. These proceedings include reflections on state-of-the-art materials, design, analysis, testing, manufacturing and construction of modern bamboo structures.  They are published by the Taylor & Francis Group, and are available at this link.