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INBAR Publications - Bamboo and Rattan Update

BARC in Beijing: Reflections on 25 Years: Bamboo and Rattan Update – Volume 3 Issue 4

2022 was a banner year for bamboo and rattan. On 7 November 2022, the 25th anniversary of INBAR and the Second Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC 2022) convened in Beijing, elevating bamboo and rattan to the global stage. This special issue of BRU commemorates the event, highlighting major moments from the Congress while summarizing […]

INBAR Publications - General Information

INBAR 25th Anniversary Album

The INBAR 25th Anniversary Album was written to commemorate INBAR turning 25. Inside, you will find an introduction and history of the organization, along with how INBAR’s work contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Album also covers highlights from 10 major areas over the years. Colorful pictures can be found accompanying the […]

INBAR Publications - General Information

Bamboo as a Substitute for Plastic Initiative

The Bamboo as a Substitute for Plastic Initiative, initially proposed by China and INBAR at the High-level Dialogue on Global Development in June 2022, is now building serious momentum. In November 2022, at the Opening Ceremony of the Second Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC 2022) as well as INBAR’s 25th anniversary celebration, INBAR and the Government […]

INBAR publications

INBAR Publications - Technical Reports

Remote Sensing-Based Regional Bamboo Resource Assessment: Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

This assessment aims to address a number of important knowledge gaps about bamboo quantity and location in three INBAR Member states: Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. The report details how remote sensing technology was used to assess bamboo stocks in these three countries. A better understanding of bamboo resources is a prerequisite to using this plant […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Research Methodologies for Field Monitoring, Analysis and Evaluation of Resource Conservation Aspects of Bamboo

This manual is produced under the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) project “South-South Knowledge Transfer Strategies for Pro-Poor Livelihood Development and Environmental Management in Africa”, funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the European Commission (EC). It is aimed at providing the needed technical knowledge, measurement methodologies and skill set for […]

INBAR Publications - Technology Transfer Models

Construction Manual for Bamboo

The translated third edition of this construction manual, first published in 2005, provides a basic, hands-on guide to using bamboo for construction: from choosing and treating the raw material, to putting together durable and safe structures. It draws heavily on experiences from the Andean region of Latin America, where bamboo is a historical construction material. […]

INBAR Publications - General Information

Bamboo and Rattan for Sustainable Development

This brochure introduces how Bamboo and rattan, which grow across the Global South, can contribute to the achievement of at least seven of the Sustainable Development Goals.

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Socio-economic and Market Study of Rattan and its Contribution to Livelihoods in Nepal

Rattan is an important but often neglected non-timber forest product in Nepal. Until now there has been no comprehensive or systematic attempt to develop the sub-sector and  building sustainable value chains.        Given the great potential of rattan to contirbute to livelihood improvement in Nepal, INBAR commissioned the study, with the potential to identify the scope for […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

El manejo de guaduales naturales

La experiancia del Proyecto Maneja Integral de Guadua en el Norte de Manglaralto.

INBAR Publications - Technical Reports

Guide de la Conception pour les Logements de Bahareque Technique

Une guide publié par INBAR sur la conception pour les logements de Bahareque technique. Ce rapport technique est destiné à être utilisé par les architectes et les ingénieurs pour la conception primaire et détaillée. Il est conçu comme un guide pour la conception et la construction de logements techniques en bahareque dans les pays développés […]

INBAR Publications - Technical Reports

Fabrication du Charbon dans Le Dôme Four à Charbon

La traduction française d’un bulletin technique du projet de stratégies de transfert de connaissances Sud-Sud dirigé par l’INBAR sur la production de charbon de bois dans un four à charbon de bois à dôme. Le projet a été financé par l’Union européenne et le Fonds international de développement agricole.

INBAR Publications - Policy Reports

China Sustainable Bamboo Enterprises: Programme Outcomes and Impacts

A report of the China Sustainable Bamboo Enterprise Programme, which ran from 2009 to 2017 in response to the Wenchuan earthquake of 2008 in Sichuan province, China.