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INBAR Publications - Bamboo and Rattan Update

‘Tradition or future’: Bamboo and Rattan Update Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 2 Issue 1: Vernacular Bamboo Architecture: Tradition or Future? This issue of Bamboo and Rattan Update features contributions from some of the people who are modernising vernacular bamboo architecture: The architects at SUP Atelier explain the inspiration behind the magnificent new Fish-Shaped Bamboo Pavilion in Yangzhou, China; Marcin Dawydzik, chartered engineer, discusses how quake-resilient housing is being used […]

INBAR publications

INBAR Publications - Policy Reports

Policy Synthesis Report 2. Bamboo for Africa: A Strategic Resource to Drive the Continent’s Green Economy

How can bamboo be integrated into Africa’s Green Economy? With so many advantages to offer, why is bamboo not on the countries’ development and Green Economy agendas as a tool to improve livelihoods and the environment? This was the key question addressed by the 200 policy makers, national planners, researchers and development professionals at the […]

INBAR Publications - Technology Transfer Models

Tropical Bamboos Propagation Manual

This manual describes seven methods of propagating tropical bamboo species.

INBAR Publications - Technology Transfer Models

Bamboo Emergency Shelter Construction Manual

This manual explains how to construct an emergency shelter using locally-available bamboo.

INBAR Publications - Technology Transfer Models

A Manual of Bamboo Furniture Making

The basic technique of traditional furniture making in China is called “Yu”. This technique involves making a bent mortise which ties the different components together and forms a strong framework. This manual provides a practical step-by-step guide to producing Yu style furniture, from selecting the bamboos to use, to finishing and producing various additional design […]

INBAR Publications - General Information

Press Release: GABAR Launch

A statement from the Global Assessment of Bamboo and Rattan for green development to the World Forestry Congress in Durban on the potential of bamboo and rattan for rural communities in creating local economic growth, new income streams, regenerating degraded lands and forests.

INBAR Publications - General Information

INBAR Strategy 2015-2030: From Research to Development

INBAR’s Strategy 2015-2030 aims to carry the message of the promise of bamboo and rattan as practical and economically attractive options in building sustainable solutions to the challenges of future development of producers and users of these products. The Strategy focuses on INBAR’s efforts in four main areas: policy shaping, representation and advocacy, knowledge sharing […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Bamboo in Sustainable Contemporary Design

This book explores contemporary design of bamboo products, and their relation to sustainability. It outlines the concept of sustainability and the basics of the bamboo plant, before delving into processing resources, infrastructure, and the various products bamboo is used to make.

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Bamboo Construction in Bhutan: A Feasibility and Market Study

The study assesses potential structural market applications for unprocessed, round culm bamboo which is locally available and relatively inexpensive, and thus well-suited for applications in rural settlements. Although engineered bamboo panel and lumber products that have similar properties to equivalent timber products are produced in other Asian countries, such as India and China, and could […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Forests Beyond Trees: NTFPs as Tools for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) contribute to livelihoods of about 2 billion poorest of the rural and urban poor, and are among the most valuable plant resources for present and future food security. They provide food, fuel, medicine and incomes, and keep traditional knowledge alive. NTFPs have an important role in forests and – consequently – […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Methodology for Carbon Accounting and Monitoring of Bamboo Afforestation Projects in China

While there are many international guidelines for forest carbon assessment, which provide specific details for measuring trees, very little information exists on measuring the carbon sequestration potential of bamboo. This report provides the underlying principles and guidelines with regard to the following: application range, design, eligibility, silvicultural practices, selection of carbon pools, greenhouse gas emission […]