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INBAR Publications - Bamboo and Rattan Update

‘Conservation and Communities’: Bamboo and Rattan Update Volume 1 Issue 2

Volume 1 Issue 2: Conservation and Communities The second issue of Bamboo and Rattan Update explores the complex, interwoven relationships between bamboo, rattan, and the species which depend on these plants, including humans.  Dr. Jake Owens, Director of Conservation at Los Angeles Zoo, reflects on his experiences working with giant pandas, and on the intimate, evolving relationship between […]

INBAR publications

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Bamboo for Pulp and Paper: A State of the Art Review With Annotated Bibliography

Bamboo is regarded as a major resource that meets the need of common people and also as a poverty alleviator due to its multi purpose uses. As a result of this, bamboo resources are of great importance in the rural socio-economy of several tropical countries. As pulp and paper being the major commercial bamboo consuming […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Laminated Panel Manufacture of Two Kinds of Bamboo for Architecture Material and Property Comparison

The manufacture technologies of two kinds of bamboo laminated panel and their physicalmechanical properties have been studied in this paper. The results have shown that laminated bamboo panels can be produced by the splitting and regluing, and the mechanical properties reached or even exceeded some pine used in architecture.

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

El sector productivo y el mercado regional de la guadua en el eje cafetero colombiano

El presente informe describe el sector productivo de la Guadua en el Eje Cafetero de Colombia. Se puede observar que la Guadua juega un papel muy importante en la vida del Eje Cafetero, aunque su valoración no es muy alta y la aceptación social de la materia, especialmente como material para la construcción, no es […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Impact Assessment of Bamboo Shoots on Poverty Reduction in Lin’an, China

This paper gives an overview of the development of the bamboo shoot sector in Lin’an district, Hangzhou province, China, over the past eighteen years (1985-2002) and the results of a case study on its effect on poverty alleviation. The large quantity of data presented convincingly illustrates the positive impact of the bamboo shoot sector on […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Breaking Barriers and Creating Capital

In 2003, an action research-based development programme using local bamboos for benefitting poor rural communities in the Konkan Division in Maharashtra State, India, was set up by INBAR in partnership with CIBART. This publication describes how the initiatives at the Konkan Action Research Site (ARS) first seeded and then nurtured growth. It analyses how the […]

INBAR Publications - Technology Transfer Models

A Manual of Bamboo Furniture Making

The basic technique of traditional furniture making in China is called “Yu”. This technique involves making a bent mortise which ties the different components together and forms a strong framework. This manual provides a practical step-by-step guide to producing Yu style furniture, from selecting the bamboos to use, to finishing and producing various additional design […]

INBAR Publications - Technology Transfer Models

Bamboo Emergency Shelter Construction Manual

This manual explains how to construct an emergency shelter using locally-available bamboo.

INBAR Publications - Annual Highlights

INBAR Annual Report 2003

The 2003 Annual Report outlines INBAR’s activities including programmes and publications.

INBAR Publications - Proceedings

Proceedings of the Bamboo Housing Workshop

Bamboo has a long history as a building material in many parts of the world. It is light, strong and easy to grow. In spite of these advantages, it is widely perceived as a temporary, poor man’s material. However, with careful specification and design, safe, secure and durable bamboo shelter is achievable at a price […]

INBAR Publications - Proceedings

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Bamboo Industrial Utilization

In the Workshop twenty international and Chinese speakers presented their papers. About 30 papers in English or in Chinese were shared on the workshop on the bamboo resource management and utilization. This proceedings are a compilation of the part of the papers presented at the workshop by the participants for disseminating the knowledge to a […]