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INBAR Publications - Bamboo and Rattan Update

‘Asia and the Pacific’: Reflections on 25 Years – Volume 3 Issue 2

From the rattan furniture markets of Indonesia to the soaring bamboo scaffolding of southern China, bamboo and rattan are embedded in countries and cultures across Asia and the Pacific. These non-timber forest plants play a critical role in economies and ecosystems alike. This special issue of INBAR’s magazine, Bamboo and Rattan Update, examines bamboo and […]

Trade Overview 2019: Bamboo and Rattan Commodities in the International Market

The report of international trade in bamboo and rattan products for 2019, based on an analysis of UN Comtrade data. This report was produced by INBAR in its role as the International Commodity Body for bamboo and rattan.

INBAR publications

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

The Bamboo Economy of Kerala, India: An Analysis of the Production-to-Consumption Systems

This study is an analysis of the the production-to-consumption systems of the bamboo economy of Kerala, India. The objectives of the study were to describe the system, identify and assess the major stakeholders, to identify target groups for development interventions, to describe the decision-making environment of the target groups, to identify opportunities for sustainable development, to review […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Wild Rattan in Sulawesi: A Case Study of the Production-to-Consumption Systems

This study had the following objectives:  1. To survey the wild rattan production-to-consumption system; 2. To identify potential targets among the groups within the system for developmental interventions; 3. To examine the decision-making environments of the target groups; and 4. To identify the opportunities for improving the system. The study attempts to provide a basis […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

FORTIP Improvement Programme

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ‘and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have jointly developed a project on “Improved Productivity of Man-made Forests Through Application of Technological Advances in Tree Breeding and Propagation (RAS/91/004)” for the Asia-Pacific region. Countries participate in the project, known as FORTIP, as constituents of a regional network. Bamboo has […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Agarbathi: A Bamboo-based Industry in India

The study highlights the major characteristics, potentials and constraints of the bamboo-based Agarbathi (incense stick) industry in South India. For the benefit of the government policy makers and industry, the policy and socio-economic issues prevailing in this sector are also reviewed and areas for suitable interventions identified. Although this study is based on information collected from […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Diversity and Distribution of New World Bamboos, with Special Emphasis on the Bambuseae

The richness of bamboo flora of the New World has been virtually unknown until very recently, in spite of large number of bamboo species. It is estimated that in the Americas, there are 46 genera and approximately 515 species of bamboo, both woody and herbaceous, extending from the United States to Chile. Most of the […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Rattan Resources of China and Current Status of Conservation

Rattan is one of the important minor forest products in South China, especially in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, China has a substantial rattan based cottage and furniture making industry which employs 70,000 people, mostly in the south of the country. Nearly two thirds of the requirement of cane is imported from other cane […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Grading Rules for Rattan a Survey of Existing Rules and Proposal for Standardization

Grading in particular is a crucial step in trading of natural products like rattan for optimum realization of its value. The adoption of proper grading rules will also ensure conservation of the resource base and maximization of benefits to all concerned. This report presents a model for grading rules, providing basic knowledge to small scale […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Domestication and Improvement of Rattan

The UNDP/FAO Regional Project on Improved Productivity of Man-Made Forests through Application of Technological Advances in Tree Breeding and Propagation (FORTIP) has highlighted rattan as a candidate for attention regarding sustainable production. The report which follows focuses on considerations essential to any such network activities which might emerge.

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Bamboo and Rattan Production-to-Consumption Systems: A Framework for Assessing Development Options

This paper lays out a framework for assessing the opportunities to make improvements in existing bamboo and rattan production-to-consumption systems. It considers the dynamics of such systems, as groups of people move from the most elementary “hunting and gathering” systems to more intensive production and processing systems that result in increased incomes and value added […]

INBAR Publications - Working Papers

Bending Strength of Guadua Bamboo

Bamboo, the fastest growing woody plant, has attracted the attention of not only biologists but also engineers and architects. Strength data are lacking for most species. Even available data are difficult to compare because different testing procedures have been used by different authors. Standardizing the testing procedures is essential to eventually arrive at a Bamboo […]