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Bamboo-based middle density fiber plate


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XIANG Zhonghua; Yu Gang; YI Shu; SUN Han



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CN1994702A ; CN100575022C

The invention is bamboo-based middle density fiber plate, which solves the problem of the existing bamboo fiber heat pressure plate, of which the waxiness component of surface bamboo is easy to carbonize with high temperature but form the black speckle, low intensity of sticking, high expansion rate of sopping thickness, bad mildew proof, complicated process of manufacture, environment pollution and it is not convenient to process to be the simulating solid laminate floor. It is manufactured by the following material by weight portion, mixed bamboo 100, urea-formaldehyde adhesive 8-15, mildew proof agent 0.5-5, solidified agent 0.2-3, olefin latex 1-3. the preparation method is that the mixed bamboo is grinded through the roller, the partial bamboo olefin medium is got rid of by scraping, it is cut by the disc type cutter, the temperature is 80-130 centigrade, NaOH is 1-5 percent of the bamboo sheet weight 1-5 percent, it is put in the water solution, then the bamboo sheet is pressed with 0.5 MPa and boiled for 10-15 min, then grinding and dispelling the fiber, after drying, the urea-formaldehyde adhesive added with mildew proof agent, solidified agent and olefin latex are sprayed coating on the fiber to be heating pressed. The upper surface can be preinstalled the socket in V shaped, circular arc shaped or other shaped, which expands the raw material source of the middle density fiber plate and develops a new approach to utilize effectively the mixed bamboo.