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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Training on digital tools to promote the importance of bamboo


Training on digital tools to promote the importance of bamboo

More than 25 participants from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru received two weeks of training on digital tools and content creation with mobile devices.

Telling stories about the importance, uses, and benefits that bamboo offers, through digital tools, was the purpose of the Workshop “Rural YouTubers of Bamboo 2021”, organized by INBAR together with the support of the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Agency Spanish International Development Cooperation.

The training process began from 18 to 30 November 2021 and was in charge of professional experts in communication: Luis Mosquera, Ecuadorian audiovisual producer with extensive experience in mobile content; Héctor Villa, Venezuelan journalist and co-founder of the ‘Cápsula Migrante’ portal; Mishell Sánchez, editor of the Newspaper ‘El Universo’ in Ecuador; Jarith Muñoz, a journalist for the RCN television network, and Leilin Candela, from the Colombian public media.

One of the topics taught “Rural YouTubers” of bamboo was in charge of the Venezuelan journalist Héctor Villa

Young people and adults from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru learned different topics from managing social networks to video editing applications for mobile devices. After completing their training process, they made recordings of how bamboo can help reduce the consequences of climate change, boost local economies and be an ally for sustainable development and construction.

Among the audiovisual records presented, the 10 videos with the highest score were chosen, which after being evaluated by a jury obtained outstanding content development for their originality, creativity and story.

Wendy Vera, who got first place, says that the training process was of great help. “I am very happy to have participated in this initiative because I feel that we from rural areas can demonstrate that bamboo is important to everyone,” he added.

For his part, Pablo Castro from Peru highlighted the importance of training in social networks. “It was an enriching experience because you can communicate the work of other people who do not have the means to do so, we are prepared to continue working,” he added.

Yanua Vargas agrees with this, highlighting the participation of young people in these types of training. “I appreciate the opportunity to train us. It was a wonderful experience, the connection was not an impediment, we achieved the objective”, he indicated.

By 2022, it is intended to continue strengthening the skills of this group of more than 25 young people and adults in the creation of digital content regarding bamboo, with the purpose that they are the voice of the advantages offered by this plant of the thousand uses to the world.

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