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Supporting nature-based solutions in the Netherlands


Supporting nature-based solutions in the Netherlands

The Embassy of the Netherlands hosted an event to promote sustainable supply chains at the INBAR Pavilion in the Beijing Expo 2019.

17 June 2019 – The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Beijing co-hosted an event at the INBAR Garden at the International Horticultural Exhibition (Beijing Expo 2019). The event, on ‘Sustainable Horticultural Chain Management’, was attended by senior policy makers from the Netherlands, and focused on how to create sustainable, plant-based value chains. The event formed part of the Netherlands’ National Day at the Beijing Expo.

H.E. Mr. Ed Kronenburg, the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Beijing, spoke about the importance of bamboo as a key example of sustainable value chains.

In the morning, H.E. Mr. Ed Kronenburg, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Beijing, and Mr. Jan-Kees Goet, Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, attended the event and delivered a speech. Mr. Loek Hermans (see featured image), a senior figure in Dutch horticulture and the Commissioner of the Netherlands for the Beijing Expo 2019, also gave a report on the drivers of the sector’s growth in the Netherlands. Speakers discussed bamboo’s importance as a role model for a sustainable value chain, with multiple benefits for environmental protection and poverty alleviation.

The Dutch Government has been an important figure in INBAR’s development as an intergovernmental organisation. In 1997, INBAR was established with the support of the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS), an organisation which sits under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. DGIS provided a financial contribution of more than USD 5 million, which was used to support the establishment of INBAR’s website and knowledge management system, including the publications department. In the two decades since then, INBAR has been led by two Director Generals from the Netherlands, and its current Director General, Mr. Ali Mchumo, has previously worked and live in the Netherlands for eight years.

The event at the INBAR Garden formed part of the Netherlands’ National Day events.

Currently, INBAR and the government of the Netherlands are working together on the Dutch-Sino East Africa Development Programme. Launched in 2016, the Programme aims to help Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda unlock the vast potential of their indigenous bamboo resources for green economic growth, trade and poverty reduction. Uniquely, the project does this by using Chinese and Dutch expertise in bamboo value chain development, product design, marketing and standardisation.

Following the event in the morning, INBAR Director General Mr. Mchumo met with Mr. Goet to discuss future cooperation between the Netherlands and INBAR.

More information about INBAR’s Garden at the Beijing Expo 2019, including upcoming events, can be found here.

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