International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

Task Force on Sustainable Bamboo Nutrition

*This Task Force is currently recruiting experts. Please see NOTICE: CALL FOR EXPERTS at the end of the page.*

The INBAR Task Force on Sustainable Bamboo Nutrition aims to develop technical guidelines and standards to improve the nutritional and economic potential of bamboo food and fodder.

Bamboo shoots and leaves are a source of food for humans, as well as fodder for animals, in many countries. Given the availability of natural bamboo and its use as food in Asia, as well as parts of Africa and Latin America, it is imperative to develop better technical guidelines and mechanisms for sustainable use of bamboo as food and fodder.

The Task Force was established with financial support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), as part of the Inter-Africa Bamboo Smallholder Farmers Livelihood Development Programme. The primary beneficiary countries of the Task Force on Sustainable Bamboo Nutrition are: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, as well as other INBAR Member States, particularly those in Africa.

The main expected outcomes for the Task Force include:

  1. The development of voluntary guideline standards on products and processes of bamboo shoots, feed and fodder, which will help boost sustainable bamboo nutrition and develop competitive trade;
  2. Support to national standards agencies for INBAR Member States, particularly in Africa, to develop and/or adopt standards, guidelines and codes of practice;
  3. Fostering enhanced connectivity and South-South cooperation between bamboo technical experts from beneficiary countries regarding knowledge transfer.


INBAR is now recruiting experts on sustainable bamboo nutrition, including livestock nutrition, to join the INBAR Task Force on Sustainable Bamboo Nutrition. If you are interested, please follow this link to submit the form.

While Task Force experts are engaged on a purely voluntary basis, they will be part  of a network of experts working on bamboo nutrition around the world. They can be accredited as Task Force experts on business cards and e-signatures.

For more information about the Task Force, read the Call for Experts here.