International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Tell us about your good work with bamboo and rattan

17 Apr 2016

We’d like to tell the world.

Do you have innovations, expertise or ideas to share on bamboo and rattan development?

INBAR welcomes contributions to the knowledge base of the Global Assessment of Bamboo and Rattan (GABAR).

-Published research, technical reports and studies
-Project results and case studies
-Technologies, innovative products and designs with bamboo and rattan
-Business models and examples of value chains
-Links to useful information.

Open to all organisations, experts, and enthusiasts.

A wealth of practical information exists in national foerstry, agricultiure, research and academic institutions, and with specialists and practitioners worldwide. The GABAR knowledge base provides a platform where this information can easily be found and widely available.

How to contribute

A web platform wil soon be ready for sharing information

Today you can send your questions, comments or ideas to