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Bhavna Sharma

Bhavna Sharma

Dr. Bhavna Sharma is an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California. Bhavna holds degrees in Structural engineering (Ph.D. 2010, M.S. 2006), Architectural History (M.A. 2003) and Architecture (B.S. 2001).

Bhavna is interested in the use of sustainable construction materials in design and engineering. Her research uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate and develop natural materials, such as bamboo, for structural applications. Areas of expertise include structural and small-scale experimental testing, modelling and design. Bhavna has a background in full-culm construction, as well as development of experimental test methods for bamboo. Her most recent work has focused on structural uses of laminated bamboo. Through a multi-scale approach, her research forms the basis for non-conventional materials to be utilised and accepted in design and engineering practice.



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