International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Hector F. Archila

Hector F. Archila – BArch, PGDPM, PhD

Hector is a specialist in bamboo architecture and structural design with round and engineered bamboo. He is CEO of Amphibia BASE Ltd, a professional services firm based in the UK that specialises in research and development services with bamboo. He is also Visiting Researcher Fellow at the University of Bath, UK. He has designed and built over 30,000 square feet of bamboo structures and has worked on the development of technologies to engineer bamboo into structural components.

Dr Archila has also collaborated internationally with researchers and in multiple networking events and research activities such as the British Council Researcher Links on Bamboo Construction. Currently, Hector is leading an ambitious entrepreneurship and innovation initiative – Engineered Bamboo to Market – that is developing standardised and commercially feasible engineered bamboo products.


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