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Mateo Gutierrez Gonzalez

Mateo Gutierrez Gonzalez

PhD Candidate, MSc, BSc.

Mateo is a Ph.D. research Student at The University of Queensland, Australia. He did his Bachelor in Civil Engineering and a Master in Structural engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in Bogota.  Mateo’s main research interests are in structural design and structural analysis of timber and bamboo. Since 2010, he has been working on the mechanical and physical properties of bamboo as a load-bearing material. He has vast experience in structural design of bamboo structures and also traditional concrete systems. Currently, he is an active member of the SIBGUADUA research network and contributes to the organization of the International Symposiums of Bamboo and Guadua. Prior to joining UQ Fire research group, Mateo taught undergraduate courses and supervised research project at Universidad de La SalleUniversidad Militar Nueva Granada, and Universidad La Gran Colombia (Bogota, Colombia) in the areas of Materials Science, Structural Analysis, and Material Testing.

Selected Publications and Presentations 

Richard Emberley, Carmen Gorska Putynska, Aaron Bolanos, Andrea Lucherini, Angela Solarte, Diana Soriguer, Mateo Gutierrez Gonzalez, Kathryn Humphreys, Juan P. Hidalgo, Cristian Maluk, Angus Law, Jose L. Torero, Description of small and large-scale cross laminated timber fire tests, Fire Safety Journal, Volume 91, 2017, Pages 327-335, ISSN 0379-7112,

Gutierrez Gonzalez, M. (2015). Analysis of study cases for structural design of guadua Angustifolia Kunth buildings designed according to the requirements of the NSR-10, Title G.12. Paper presented at the 16th NOCMAT 2015.

Gutiérrez González, M., Bonilla Santos Jessika, I., Cruz Amado María, F., & Quintero Aranzalez, J. G. (2015). Determination of fiber saturation point of bamboo Guadua angustifolia Kunth. Paper presented at the 16th NOCMAT 2015, Winnipeg, Canada.

Gutiérrez González, M., & Briceño Roncancio, P. A. (2015). Equilibrium Moisture Content and Sorption Isotherms determination for different conditions of relative humidity and temperature in the bamboo Guadua Angustifolia Kunth. Paper presented at the 16th NOCMAT 2015, Winnipeg, Canada.

Gutierrez Gonzalez, M., Paz Bedoya, J. E., & Ovalle García, E. F. (2015). Vulnerabilidad estructural de las cubiertas en guadua construidas para las canchas múltiples de las veredas de La Soledad y Puerto Alegría en el municipio de Garzón – Huila. Paper presented at the 3er Congreso Mexicano del Bambú, Huatusco De Chicuellar, Veracruz, México.

Gutiérrez González, M. (2014). Procedimiento metodológico para determinar las isotermas de sorción y el contenido de humedad de equilibrio para la guadua Angustifolia Kunth. Paper presented at the II Simposio Internacional Guadua y Bambú “Consolidando el sector con Innovación y Sostenibilidad”, Bogotá, Colombia.

Gutierrez Gonzalez, M., & Takeuchi, C. (2014). Efecto del contenido de humedad en la resistencia a tensión paralela a la fibra del bambú Guadua Angustifolia Kunth. Scientia et Technica, 19(3), 6.

Gutierrez Gonzalez, M., Takeuchi, C., & Perozo, M. C. (2012) Variation of tensile strength parallel to the fiber of Bamboo Guadua angustifolia kunth in function of moisture content. Vol. 517. Key Engineering Materials (pp. 71-75).

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Gutiérrez González, M. (2011). Factor de corrección por contenido de humedad para la resistencia a tensión paralela a la fibra de la guadua Angustifolia Kunth / Correction factor by moisture content for the tensile strength parallel to the fiber of bamboo guadua Angustifolia Kunth. (Maestría), Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Retrieved from