International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Michael H. Ramage

Michael H. Ramage, MArch, PhD, MIStructE

Dr Michael H. Ramage leads the Centre for Natural Material Innovation at Cambridge University, and is an architectural engineer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture, a fellow of Sidney Sussex College, a Chartered Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers and a founding partner of Light Earth Designs.

Dr Ramage studied geology and archaeology as an undergraduate, followed by architecture at MIT, and worked for Conzett Bronzini Gartmann in Switzerland prior to teaching and getting a PhD at Cambridge. His current research is focused on developing low-energy structural materials and systems in masonry, better housing in the developing world and large-scale high-rise buildings in engineered timber and bamboo through natural material innovation. He teaches, researches and designs buildings, and receives research funding from the Leverhulme Trust, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Royal Society, the British Academy, and industry.


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