International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Dr. Muralidharan Enarth Maviton

Dr. Muralidharan Enarth Maviton, Kerala Forest Institute, India

Dr. Muralidharan is a Principal Scientist at the Forest Genetics and Biotechnology Division of the Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) , Peechi, India. His research interests have been in the area of  biotechnology of forestry species (particularly of rattan, bamboo and teak)  and rare and endangered plants.  He has been  involved in collection of rattan and bamboo germplasm, its characterisation and conservation and developing clonal propagation methods, especially micropropagation. Current projects are on DNA barcoding and phylogeny of  rattans. He has also developed guidelines and manuals on production of quality planting stock and establishment and management of  nurseries and plantations of bamboo. He is currently the Chief Editor of the Journal of Bamboo and Rattan, an international open access  journal published by KFRI.


Project Reports

  1. Propagation of Medicinal Plants, Bamboo and Rattan by tissue culture methods. Muralidharan, E.M.,  KFRI Research Report  No. 87. 1996.
  1. Tissue culture of Rattan (canes) for clonal propagation. Muralidharan, E.M. KFRI Research Report 1998
  2. Genetic Diversity and Conservation of certain species of Rattans in Andaman and Nicobar  Islands and Southern India . Renuka, C., Indira, E.P.  and Muralidharan. E.M., KFRI Research Report No. 157.  1998



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Publications in Proceedings of Symposia, Conferences etc.

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