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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Dr. V.B. Sreekumar

Dr. V.B. Sreekumar, Kerala Forest Research Institute, India

Dr. Sreekumar is a scientist at the Forest Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation Division at Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi, India. He has conducted extensive research on resource inventories, taxonomy, assessment of genetic diversity and species recovery programmes of Indian rattans. Dr. Sreekumar received his doctorate from Calicut University in the field of systematics and phylogenetics of rattans. He is the author of over 95 research publications including technical reports, peer-reviewed articles and popular articles, and coauthored the book Field Guide to the Indian Palms.


Selected publications

  1. Renuka and Sreekumar.V.B. 2012. A Field guide to the palms of India. Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi, Thrissur, Kerala. ISBN 81-85041-74.

Sreekumar. V.B. 2010. Rattans: – Phenetics, phylogeny and intra-specific variation. In Rattans of India. In Rattans of India: Taxonomy Biology and Utilization. Editors. C. Renuka, K. V. Bhat and R. C. Pandalai.  Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi, ISBN 81-85041-71-7.

Sreekumar. V.B., Renuka C., Suma, T.B and M. Balasundaran. 2006. Taxonomic reconsideration of Calamus rivalis Thw. ex Trim. and C. metzianus Schlecht (Arecaceae) through morphometric and molecular analysis. Botanical Studies. 47:443-452.

Sreekumar.V.B and Renuka C. 2006. Assessment of genetic diversity of Calamus thwaitesii Becc. (Palmae) using RAPD markers. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology  34: 5; 397-405.

Sreekumar, V.B and Henderson, A. 2014. Nomenclatural notes on Indian Calamus (Arecaceae).  Phytotaxa. 166(2): 145-149.

Sreekumar, V.B., R. S. Sakthivel, K.A. Sreejith and M.S. Sanil. 2016. Predictive Distribution Modelling of Calamus andamanicus Kurz, an Endemic Rattan from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. Journal of Forest and Environmental Science. 32 (1) 94-98.

  1. Priya, E.P. Indira, Sreekumar V. B. and C. Renuka. 2016. Assessment of genetic diversity in Calamus vattayila Renuka (Arecaceae) using ISSR markers. Journal of Bamboo and Rattan (15) 1 – 4. 61 – 69.

Suganthasakthivel, R. and Sreekumar, V.B. 2016. Geographical modeling and conservation of Palms in Peninsular India. In “Forest Ecosystem (Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation’ (Editors:  K.A. Sujana, M.V. Durai, C. Sivaperuman). ISBN: 9789384649616. Write And Print Publications. New Delhi.


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