International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

Training for Bamboo value chain development in Ethiopia and Uganda

10 Dec 2021

 INBAR has recently conducted a number of capacity building training on bamboo plantation and processing, and bamboo business development for bamboo business owners and farmers in Ethiopia and Uganda.

INBAR, with its Dutch-Sino East Africa Bamboo Development Programme, has recently been conducting capacity building training to support bamboo value chains in Ethiopia and Uganda. The last training was conducted from October to November 2021 in different provinces of the countries targeting bamboo planting farmers, bamboo furniture makers and artisans.

The training provided profound knowledge on industry-based skills and on-the-field practices such as bamboo plantation and sustainable management, bamboo furniture making, and bamboo business development. Interestingly, it also worked on the soft skills of the trainees, such as communication, record keeping and teamwork, really important, and often overlooked, parts of business development with bamboo.

In Ethiopia, bamboo furniture making and business development skill training was conducted in the Sidama region of the country. The training had the objective of equipping the trainees with state-of-the-art skills in bamboo furniture making and entrepreneurship, to enable them to produce and promote different marketable bamboo furniture. The training was focused on raw material selection, furniture production, business communication, and entrepreneurial skills, like workshop management, record keeping, and business analysis. All of the 46 trainees that were benefited from this capacity building activity are artisans now able to keep producing bamboo furniture for households, hotels, and office purposes but can also innovate on different types of bamboo furniture and make good management of their businesses.

In Uganda, the training took place in Nyabyeya Forestry College (NFC) and it was organised in collaboration with the Industrial Research Institute and the National Forestry Authority. It focused on sustainable bamboo growing and utilisation and 35 teaching staff, technicians, and students of NFC are now equipped with different skills in bamboo propagation, sustainable management and harvesting, bamboo preservation and treatment techniques, and converting culms bamboo into furniture and crafts. The NFC carpentry workshop was also supported with tools and equipment to be used in future bamboo value addition and bamboo training.

INBAR strives to strengthen the bamboo sector development of East Africa through capacity building, technology, and knowledge transfer from advanced bamboo expertise of China and the Netherlands. The Dutch-Sino East Africa Bamboo Development Programme has been supporting the bamboo sector development of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda through developing robust industry and SME value chains, restoring and sustainably managing bamboo resources, and enhancing workable business and trade environment.