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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

INBAR’s Bamboo Eye Pavilion Featured in Two Documentary Films


INBAR’s Bamboo Eye Pavilion Featured in Two Documentary Films

10 April 2020 – In 2019, The INBAR “Bamboo Eye” Pavilion was open to the public between between April and October as part of the International Horticultural Exposition in Yanqing, Beijing. This groundbreaking construction, made using more than 5000 moso bamboo culms, has now been featured in two half-hour documentaries on the potential of bamboo for construction and in products.

“Bamboo: The Tradition of the Future” by film-maker Johan Granberg, is a 30-minute short film released to the public on Youtube on 19 March 2020 after being submitted for consideration for the 2020 award season. This documentary, described as an “exploration of contemporary architecture using bamboo” also highlights bamboo’s beauty, versatility and use asa fast-growing carbon sink that can fight climate change.

“Bamboo’s fast-growing attribute makes it a very useful resource to capture and sequester atmospheric carbon and consequently mitigate climate change, in a similar way that tree does. The unique growing capacity makes bamboo a valuable sink for carbon storage”. [Bamboo: The Tradition of the Future, 2020].

The documentary has received several awards, including the Gold Award for Best Documentary Short at the Independent Short Awards in Los Angeles;  Best Documentary Short Film at the South Film and Arts Academy Festival in Chile;  and Best Documentary Gold Award at the monthly Virgin Spring Cinefest in India.

The second feature, “Constructing a Bamboo Future” (Original Spanish – Construyendo un Futuro de Bambú), was released on 31 December 2019 by CGTN en Espanol, the Spanish arm of China Global Television Network, a multi-language television network owned and operated by China Central Television. The documentary explores the history and culture of bamboo in China and around the world, and features interviews with Pavilion architect Mauricio Cardenas Laverde as well as with INBAR Director General Ali Mchumo and Regional Coordinator of INBAR’s Latin America and the Caribbean Office, Pablo Jacome.






Both documentaries highlight INBAR’s Bamboo Eye Pavilion, which attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors between April and September 2019. The Pavilion is 54 metres in width and 40 metres in length, with each bamboo arch spanning 32 metres. The garden surrounding the Pavilion, which also contains many decorative species of bamboo, stretches up to blanket the roof of the structure, creating an organic, living roof which rises up from the ground in a wave, creating the “bamboo eye” shape which gives the structure its name.

About the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR)

INBAR is an intergovernmental organisation made up of46 Member States that exists to promote the role of bamboo and rattan for sustainable development.

Watch “Constructing a Bamboo Future” here [link in Spanish], and click here or watch “Bamboo: The Tradition of the Future” below.