International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

WG12 – Structural Uses of Bamboo

18 Sep 2017

31st Annual meeting of ISO/TC165 (Timber Structures) 

The 31st Annual meeting of ISO/TC165 was held from 5 to 8 September 2017 in Vienna, Austria. More than 40 timber or bamboo experts attended the meeting from Austria, Canada, Colombia, China, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Netherland, Korea, UK, USA as well as representatives from liaison organizations like INBAR (International Organization for Bamboo and Rattan) and SBS (Small Business Standards).

INBAR is the convener of WG12 which is responsible for revising two existing standards and developing one new standard. As most experts for the WG12 are from developing countries and lack of funds deters attending in person, ISO began supporting additional methods from 2017 to encourage more experts to attend the WG12 meetings:


For the WG12 meeting of this year, ISO TC165 had the following resolutions:

For all the resolutions above, INBAR would like to highlight the initiative standardization work of engineered bamboo. Two key experts of INBAR Construction Task Force (TFC), Arjan van der Vegte from the Netherlands and Bhavna Sharma from the UK have been nominated as the co-project leaders and will work with other experts from China, USA and Colombia in the TFC to start the standardization work of new standard on “Bamboo structures – Engineered bamboo products – Test methods for mechanical properties”. 

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Liu Kewei, Coordinator of Global Bamboo Construction Programme and Convener of WG12 of ISO/TC165: