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Winners of the Photo Competition 2021


Winners of the Photo Competition 2021

The winners of the INBAR international photo competition have been decided.

The INBAR International Bamboo and Rattan Photo Competition 2021 received over 130 entries from 28 countries around the world.

For almost 25 years, INBAR has worked across continents, promoting the use of these fantastic plants for sustainable development. Whether creating jobspreventing deforestationstoring carbon or creating low-carbon infrastructure – the potential of bamboo and rattan are enormous, particularly in the tropical and subtropical areas where they grow. The global pandemic has exacerbated existing problems in different regions of the world, reversing gains in economic growth and showing the impact of environmental exploitation and climate change. Now, more than ever, it is important to promote the importance of bamboo and rattan for sustainable development, using striking images.

A panel of expert photographers and environmental experts selected the images which best reflected bamboo and rattan’s uses for sustainable development, particularly INBAR’s key focus areas. Many thanks to all those who participated: your involvement will allow INBAR to keep promoting bamboo and rattan for sustainable development.


First place –With Brick’ by Enamul Kabir from India

This photo from Kabir tells us the story of five women that are using a bamboo ladder to transport clay bricks. The ladder makes their work easier.


Second place – ‘Learning From Mother’ by Ashiqur Rahman Sakib from Bangladesh

The photo from Sakib tells us the story of a bamboo craft family in Khulna, Bangladesh.

“Due to the abundance of bamboo in Bangladesh and the low price, they can easily buy bamboo at a lower price. They make household necessities with bamboo, then sell them in the local market; this is their only source of livelihood… They have been engaged in this profession for generations. Older people are very experienced and kids are learning by watching their work sitting next to them.”


Third place –Productive During the Pandemic’ by Bastian AS from Indonesia

This photo tells us the story of a worker arranging rattan chairs before the packing process in her home industry amid the pandemic.

“Cirebon is a known production centre of rattan industry in Indonesia. Indonesia has a big resource of rattan and it is recognized as sustainable material that protects our forest…. In Indonesia, many people depend on the material, from upstream to downstream, benefiting the farmers, processors, producers, traders, and workers for their livelihoods. So, the awareness to preserve it, economically and ecologically, and its habitat, is important.”

Highly commended

The judges also commended 10 entries.

‘Road to Sustainability’ by Abhay Gandhe


‘Fourcycle’ by Allan Castañeda

‘Bamboo Pathway’ by Anthony Into

‘Giving Back to Nature’ by Arnold Jumpay

‘The Bamboo Bridge’ by Mithail Afrige Chowdhury

‘Floating Houses’ by Aung Chan Thar

Color Coding‘ by Baliram Jadhav

Flip‘ by Yann Barnet

The Arc: Hands, Minds & Technology‘ by Elora Hardy

Pavilion in Twilight‘ by Marc Henrich Go

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