International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

World Bamboo Day celebrations in North-East India

26 Sep 2017

The Chief Minister of Nagaland urges bamboo experts to come together to strengthen the sector

18 and 19 September 2017 – World Bamboo Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Nagaland, a state of the North East Region of India. Celebrations were held at the Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre, at an event organized by the Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency and sponsored by the Ministry of Development of the North Eastern Region.

During his inaugural speech, Mr. Naiba Konyak from the Government of Nagaland expressed his hope that the event might raise more awareness about bamboo’s potential. This would help bamboo go further in encouraging entrepreneurship, generating employment and providing a means of livelihood for people.

There were two guests of honour at the event: the Chief Minister of Nagaland, Hon. Mr.T.R. Zeliang, and Secretary of the Ministry Of Development Of North Eastern Region, Mr. Naveen Verma.  The event was also attended by officials from the North Eastern Council, INBAR, GIZ, State Mission Directors of the North East States, and other State departments.

T P Subramony, INBAR’s Regional Coordinator for South Asia, planting a bamboo sapling

Speaking to attendees, the Hon. Mr. Zeliang reiterated the need to “improvise and use latest technology to improve the quality of the local products – thus opening up the international markets for the people of the North East.” He expressed some concerns about the growth of the bamboo sector, particularly the ability of locals to provide bamboo products which can compete in international markets, and urged INBAR to provide technical support and training to the locals.

The two-day event  also included a bamboo plantation ceremony, two technical sessions and an exhibition of products made by local artisans and craftsmen. The technical sessions focused on developing a roadmap for the North East Bamboo Development Centre, and on bamboo value chain development in the North Eastern Region. Both sessions provoked lively discussions and some practical next steps. One outcome, agreed on by participants, was the need to create economic corridors for bamboo in the region. In addition, Mr. Verma also urged state missions to set up inter-ministerial bamboo coalition group, in order to address the various challenges that the sector faces.