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INBAR Honour Day at the Yangzhou Expo


INBAR Honour Day at the Yangzhou Expo

INBAR celebrated its Honour Day on the opening of the International Horticultural Exposition 2021.

The International Horticultural Exposition 2021 opened on 8 April in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China. Over the next six months, the Exposition (or Yangzhou Expo) will welcome visitors from across the country to visit its 230-hectare area, which includes gardens from a wide range of organisations, under the theme ‘Green City, Healthy Life’.

INBAR’s Garden includes two Pavilions and a number of other structures, all made from bamboo.

INBAR has a garden at the Yangzhou Expo, which showcases the potential of bamboo and rattan as low-carbon, biobased materials for construction and green lifestyles. On 8 April, INBAR marked its ‘Honour Day’, with an event which celebrated the organisation’s growth and achievements over the last 24 years. More than 200 guests, including local government representatives, international organisation staff and diplomats from a number of INBAR Member States, were invited to take part in the event, which took place in the bamboo-filled INBAR Garden.

At the start of the event, attendees watched a cultural performance of songs and music about bamboo and rattan, from different countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Following the performance, a number of leading representatives made speeches, and the INBAR Garden was officially ‘opened’ to the public.

The event was attended by a number of senior policymakers, including Zhang Meiying and Li Wei from the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a leading political advisory body in China. Representatives from 35 countries, including His Excellency (H.E.) Mr. Martin Mpana, Ambassador of Cameroon, H.E. Mr. Mahendra Pandey, Ambassador of Nepal, H.E. Mr. Tau’aika ‘Uta’atu, Ambassador of Tonga, and H.E. Ms. Sarah Serem, the Ambassador of Kenya, also attended the event.

Left to right: H.E. Mr. Mpana, Ambassador of Cameroon to China, spoke at the INBAR Honour Day; one of the several cultural performances at the mornings event; Professor Jiang Zehui, Chair of the INBAR Board of Trustees, gave a speech welcoming all participants to the INBAR Garden at the Yangzhou Expo.

In a speech to attendees, Mr. Mpana thanked INBAR for its “commendable” achievements: “Through INBAR’s endeavours, more than 250,000 people have generated an income through bamboo and rattan; many countries have incorporated bamboo into their national construction codes, climate change strategies and job creation policies; and more than 60,000 people have been trained in all aspects of bamboo and rattan management and use.”

Professor Jiang Zehui, Co-Chair of the INBAR Board of Trustees and Chair of the Organising Committee of the Yangzhou Expo, also spoke. She recounted INBAR’s long history of taking part in horticultural expositions, as a way to raise awareness about bamboo and rattan, and expressed her belief that “Bamboo and rattan are a natural accompaniment to greener cities. These plants have important, integrated ecological, social and economic benefits, with huge potential… I hope that the uses of beautiful bamboo in this INBAR Garden will have a strong impression on all visitors.”

As the first intergovernmental organisation to have its headquarters in Beijing, INBAR has a strong relationship with China, and has worked closely with a number of ministries for more than 20 years on international training and project work. At the event, representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, the Jiangsu provincial government, the Yangzhou and Yibin municipal governments, gave speeches about INBAR’s work promoting multilateral development across its Member States.

Following the speeches, Zhang Meiying announced the INBAR Garden as formally open.

The Yangzhou Expo will be open to the public until 8 October. The INBAR Garden will be hosting a series of awareness-raising events about bamboo and rattan, including musical performances, talks and online events.

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The INBAR Garden will be open to the public until 8 October.